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Book Our Removals Packing Service In Norbury SW16 For A Stress-Free Move!

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With our services, you'll receive everything you need, in order to prepare for your relocation! Our removal packing service in Norbury SW16 provides all the proper materials you need, as well as a highly trained team of professionals to pack everything securely for you. This means that whether you're planning to put your possessions in storage or you need expert assistance from our moving services or man with a van option, you'll prosper from a combined service, which makes your moving day easier. We work with experts that have experience in working together, so rest assured that your

What Will You Get When You Use Our Professional Packing Services?

The short answer, is peace of mind. Whether you're putting items into storage or preparing for a move of any size, knowing that your belongings are safely packed can be very comforting. What's more, when you use our removal packing services you'll benefit from:

We also freely offer guidelines on getting your move taken care of, even before we arrive. Following our handy moving checklist is an easy way to guarantee that you'll be ready for the big day!

  • Complete peace of mind thanks to the full insurance cover that we provide
  • Packing professionals, who are fully trained and experienced
  • An easy way to get all of the quality packing materials that you need - we can provide you with bubble wrap, clear stretch wrap, boxes and wardrobe cartons
  • All the stress of the moving of light fixtures, glass ornaments, crockery, paintings and artwork will disappear!

Interested in finding out what our other customers have said after using our professional packing services? This is why we're always searching for as much feedback as we can get. Read the testimonials we've collected below and you'll be able to see what other locals have thought about our service, and how smoothly their moving days have been!

We also freely offer guidelines on getting your move taken care of, even before we arrive. Following our handy moving checklist is an easy way to guarantee that you'll be ready for the big day!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Marsh Sosa


We would just like to say thank you for moving us over the weekend. The guys were excellent and worked non stop up and down those stairs without a fuss. Also they were lovely and very careful and professional at all stages of the job.Thank you!

A Home Removal Service With Some Handy Extras!


We're happy to sell or rent you the boxes that you need - they're all of the highest quality, so renting can work out much cheaper. Of course, if you know you're going to be moving again soon, it's better to keep hold of the boxes. If you're renting we will need the boxes back at some point, but there's no need to rush. By standard we organise box packing and delivery at least two days before your move, just on the off-chance that something has been neglected. We rate our packing and unpacking service by the hour. You can get help estimating how long the removals staff will take to gingerly pack your items, by calling the number at the foot of the page. If you're preparing to use our storage or eBay delivery service then we recommend you use our packing option.

We've offer all of the following packing materials:

. Standard boxes - 467x307x313mm. Good for packing small items, such as books, documents and files.
. Large boxes - 467x457x463mm. Ideal for parking small kitchen

appliances, kitchenware and glass items (when using crushed wrapping paper). Large boxes are widely used for our house and office removals. Easy to carry and load, they are the best packing material.

*NOTE: Please advise us in advance if the items you're packing are heavy - it's not a good idea if a box weighs more than 15-17 kilograms, since this may destroy the box while carrying it and damage any of the items inside. If there's no other way but to exceed this weight, customers need to notify us in advance, so that we can provide trolleys for the safe removal and transport all your possessions.

Wardrobe cartons - 508x457x1244mm. Used to store clothes during the removal service. Those boxes come with metal hanger bars inside.

Additional packing materials:

Brown vinyl tape - 5 cm x 6600 cm. A definite must for every packing service. We'll suggest the proper amount of vinyl tape you need, depending on the number of boxes you buy or rent.

Large Bubble Wrap - 2x750x45 cm. Size: GIANT - We kindly ask you to inform us of any fragile items - if we're going to pack them, bubble wrap is essential.

Wrapping paper (package of 260 pieces) - 51x76 cm. The bread and butter of any removal service - used to wrap and pack nearly all items

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Want to arrange your removals packing service in Norbury SW16? Simply call us up now on 020 3746 5245. We keep our service hotlines open and fully staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so we can offer you the assistance you need in scheduling your service at any time. Get a free quote with zero obligation and ask us a question about our service if you have one, no matter when you select to get in touch.

You can also contact us through our online contact form or the chat feature we have on our website - both are constantly staffed by our advisers.